MBE Input Comittee

The MBE Input Committee represents the interest of its member MBEs (Minority Business Enterprises). The MBE Input Committee shall be responsible for expanding procurement opportunities and capacity building to MBEs through education and economic development. Our goal is to have the most productive, committed and effective MBE Input Committee in the network.


MBE Input Comittee 1

Mr. Abel Herrera


IT Data Solutions

MBE Input Comittee 2

Ms. Jacquline Wilson

President & CEO

Paramount Solutions & Global Services, Inc.

MBE Input Comittee 3

Mr. Larry Thelmas

President & CEO

Florida Clear Energy


Mr. Jay Narang

Commander In Chief

Tech Army


Mr. Roger Herdé

President & CEO

DuctMasters USA

MBE Input Comittee 3

Mr. Dave Arjoon


Zap Logistics


Mr. Dan Michels

VP of Sales and Operations

Astra/CFX Holdings, LLC


Ms. Angelina Garcia


Y-Not Design & Mfg


Candidates must be a minimum of a majority (51 %) minority business owner of a company certified by the Florida State Minority Supplier Development Council (FSMSDC), must be Senior Executive appointed by the President of your company. Candidate must have the support of two nominators from the MBE Input Committee, Board of Directors, or FSMSDC Committee Leaders. The Candidate must be able to devote the necessary resources to fulfill this role and is willing to serve the good of all MBEs and should be leaders of good moral fiber/character.


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