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Equal More Possibilities - Now Is Your Time! INVESTMENT TODAY!

THURSDAY - FRIDAY, APRIL 5-6, 2018 BecSopmonesaorBoursiPnaerstsnEerxpo

The Loan-A-Thon: On-Site Financing for Business Growth Sponsorship opportunities provide creative ways
Meet with bankers and alternative lenders at the Loan-A-Thon. Bring your paperwork and get financing on to promote your presence at the Business Expo,
the spot if you qualify. Whether you need a microloan or a multimillion-dollar loan, this is the chance to sit with enhance your results and set yourself apart
traditional and non-traditional lenders to get the financing you need to grow your business. from the competition. Becoming a sponsor can
maximize your exposure before, during and after
THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 2018 the show, dramatically increasing the return on
your investment.
Sales and Marketing Boot Camp:
How to MakeYour Business Stand Out from the Competition WhereWe Advertise
How do you establish your company’s unique brand message and generate more sales? One of the biggest
challenges for many business owners is not knowing what to say and how to differentiate their company from • Cable TV Commercials
their competitors. This interactive boot camp will cover topics including website copy, marketing content and • Radio
sales outreach. Attendees will learn: • Direct Mail
• Social Media
• How to craft a unique differentiating message that grabs attention. • Websites
• What matters the most to potential customers and why your company may be sending them the wrong • Newspapers
• Telemarketing
message. • Brochures & Flyers
• How to deliver an effective elevator pitch – Attendees will also be coached and have an opportunity to • Trade Associations & Chamber Meetings

participate in the Elevator Pitch Competition on Friday for monetary prizes, legal and accounting services CUSTOM SPONSORSHIP
and training. PACKAGES

FRIDAY, APRIL 6, 2018 are available to fit your budget needs.
Call us today at (305) 762-6151
Learn Cutting-Edge Marketing Strategies toWin Business, and Engage and Keep for more information.
Clients followed by the Elevator Pitch Competition
How do you market your company to stand out from the crowd? At this power-packed workshop, you will learn
how to use 360-marketing including radio, online, networking, TV and print – to market your business effectively.
Our experts will share strategies to attract and engage clients.
Immediately following the workshop, attendees will hear from contestants participating in the Elevator Pitch
Competition. Entrepreneurs will present a 60-second elevator pitch to a group of business professionals,
entrepreneurs and business experts. The top finalists will win monetary prizes and legal and accounting services,
coaching and training.

Now Accepting Applications for the Loan-A-Thon and

ENTER Elevator Pitch Competition. The entry deadline: March 23, 2018
TODAY! Visit for more details and the applications.

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